AI Agents to solve 70% of your tickets with 99.8% accuracy

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AgentsForce is trained on your best agents

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AgentsForce has the highest resolution rate in the market because it can actually do anything a human agent can do - learn how a problem was solved in the past, accessing customer data, reading help center articles, and taking actions to solve customer problems.

67% reduction in cost per ticket

3X improvement in resolution rate

72% resolution rate in 3 weeks

99.8% accuracy in production

Developed by Director of AI at Alibaba and Google for maximum accuracy and safety at scale - ask clarifying questions, avoid off-topic answers and seamlessly transfer to human agents

Built-in PII masking

Enterprise grade security that lets you keep your sensitive data in your own environment without sharing it with AgentsForce.

SOC 2 compliant
GDPR ready

From our clients

“Within 3 days, AgentsForce is successfully resolving 72% of chats and emails. I couldn't tell if it's AI or human”

Roman Maksimenko
VP customer experience

“It took 6 weeks to reach 50% resolution rate, and after 3 months 75%. It took almost no investment from our technical team.”

Cecilia Sánchez
General Manager at Moons

Only Pay for Resolutions

Pay only when AgentsForce successfully achieves the outcome that matters to you and your customers - resolved conversations