How Moons achieved 75% resolution rate in 3 months

Moons adopted AI to engage patients with empathy at scale, with AgentsForce


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Moons provides online dental services, helping 30,000 patients improve their smiles in 5 countries. They connect with patients online through personal, caring chats with Moons' team, building strong trust. Every chat is crucial, as losing a patient could mean missing out on thousands of dollars in treatments. Using AI for this carries big risks.


we experienced hyper growth and our average response time was five hours

As one of the fastest-growing dental healthcare startups, the team grew quickly, leading to an average response time of five hours. However, they couldn't increase their staff size.

Initially, they used Kustomer's chatbot, spending months building conversational flows. but it failed as customers always wanted to talk to a real person. Moreover, they needed a solution that could easily work with their current systems and couldn't afford the R&D resources to make big changes


Going live without R&D resources

It took almost no investment from our technical team. This was developed 100% by AgentsForce.

AgentsForce integrated with all of the internal systems relying on less than a single day of Moon’s R&D team, and that was a big part of their buying decision. The integration was tested in a sandbox to make sure the production environment remained secure and uninterrupted. The flexibility of AgentsForce system enabled to integrate with Zoho CRM, and Kustomer ticketing system as well as internal APIs.

Fully trusting the AI thanks to 99.8% accuracy

Moons had a complex customer journey that started with onboarding patients to the system and CRM, figuring out the right treatment, scheduling an appointment and finally managing payment - all of it was done in a chat conversation, while dealing with unpredictable customer questions.

AgentsForce was able to follow Moon’s guidelines and unique workflows like a skilled human agent, reaching an impressive 99.8% based on human QA.

Providing human like experience

The satisfaction side of the equation was amazing, our patients can write to us at 3am and they will get a great answer from AgentsForce, our 24/7 agent that never sleeps.

Before AgentsForce the team was using Kustomer transactional chatbot. This kept customers frustrated, as they had to navigate the chatbot maze until they reached humans.

That’s where an AI agent enabled a quantum leap from a bot, because customers couldn’t tell if they were talking with an AI or human. The AI instantly addressed the user’s questions and offered personalized solutions, even in complex scenarios. Some customers even thanked the AI how for being so nice!


It took 6 weeks to reach 50% resolution rate, and after 3 months 75%. We even improved our conversation rate

Moons reached 50% resolution rate within 6 weeks, and after 3 months they hit 75%. They even improved their conversion rate, as the AI was able to learn from the behaviours of the best human agents.

Instead of spending so much of their time training agents in 5 different countries, they can rely on AgentsForce to train an AI model to serve customers 24/7. The partnership between AgentsForce and Moons is now expanding from telesales to customer support to let AgentsForce the entire lifecycle of Moons customers.